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Set 2

Mako: Bludgeoner for Slytherin Quidditch Team

Iroh: Ravenclaw House Prefect

Requested by: winchesterwarfare


Last time, a lot of people were wondering why I chose the houses I did.

For Mako, Slytherin represents that he will do WHATEVER it takes to do what he NEEDS to do (i.e. like with Bolin). Even if that means doing the supposedly wrong thing. He is also a guy who keeps his thoughts and plots to himself. SOmeone you don’t want to mess with.

As for Iroh, he personality just came off as an analyst/intellectual. Yes, he is courageous and brave (especially in combat) but it takes a certain personality to become the youngest general in the Central Army. Plus, he has a calm and collected demeanor.


2 years ago on 07/24/12 at 11:39pm